ASM Quick Lease™ Residential Solar & Renewable Finance

No fees – No claw-back –  24/7 10 min online approval – Fast settlement


Your customers can start saving right away.

With ASM Quick Lease™ you can offer your customers a competitively priced, fast and hassle-free finance option to install solar, energy storage, switchboard upgrades and related equipment.

  • No deposit
  • No application fee
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • No risk fee
  • No merchant fee for the supplier and no claw-back

Apply online at any time of day or night and receive an immediate response or use our friendly Australian based call centre during regular retail business hours, including weekends.

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply.*

Choose from fortnightly or monthly payment options

Peace of mind for your customers knowing the goods are covered for fire and theft during the lease term.^

Can increase their rental income and claim lease payments as a deduction.#

Payment is made directly to your bank account on completion of the installation.

The price of electricity continues to rise. If your customers do nothing today, even if the price of electricity increases at the CPI rate, they may soon be paying more than double what they are today.

By taking advantage of this ground-breaking solar package, residential customers with a good roof profile and favourable usage pattern can expect to reduce their cash outgoings straight away. For these customers, total payments over the year are likely to be less than they pay for electricity today.

Help your customers lock in lower costs now with a fixed price and zero deposit using a consumer lease.

Your customers outgoings may be less than their current electricity bill even after taking lease payments into account. It’s just like getting a discount.

Smaller systems can be financed from around $2.00 a day ($14 a week) and larger systems from around $4.00 a day ($28 a week) depending on the system specifications and difficulty of installation.

Your application can be processed online and approved in about ten (10) minutes.

If you want an introduction to one of our accredited installers just let us know. We have evaluated each of the installers we work with and you can be assured of their quality. No matter where you are in Australia we have an installer close by.

No application fee, no establishment fee and no monthly or annual fees… in fact no fees at all. What you see is what you get.

To apply online you will need;

  • To be 18 years of age or older
  • Have valid ID (Drivers licence, Passport or Medicare Card)
  • An email address and mobile phone number that is yours
  • Proof of income or payments and expenses (access to online banking)
  • Access to a computer, smart phone or tablet

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Click on the link below to start the process. This link takes you to our consumer finance partner portal.

ASM Quick Lease™ is provided by ‘InRent’. ‘InRent’ is a registered trademark of Walker Stores Pty Ltd (WSPL) ABN 77 371 865 846, Australian Credit Licence 393023. *Lease is available to approved applicants only and is then subject to terms and conditions. ^Further terms & conditions apply. #Seek independent advice from your accountant or financial advisor. Lease rates are based on 60 month terms

ASM Money provides the very best finance solutions and options for your clients.

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