Your Customers Start Saving Right Away

At ASM Money our focus is on crafting & delivering solar friendly finance solutions which deliver real value to your customers from day one.
Taking advantage of the the ground breaking up to ten ten year solar package consumers with a good roof profile and usage patterns can expect to reduce their cash outgoings straight away. Even with finance your customers total payments over the year could be less than they are today … and with zero deposit to approved applicants what else is there to consider?

Current Electricity Bill
new Electricity Bill

Long Term Savings

With the price of electricity continuing to rise if your customers do nothing today, even if the price of electricity just increased at the CPI, they may soon be paying more than double what you are today. Help your customers lock in lower costs now with a fixed price for up to ten years. These graphs show you the potential savings.

Doesn’t it cost a lot?

maller system can be financed for under $2.00 a day ($14 a week) and larger systems from about $3.50 a day ($25 a week) depending on the system specifications and difficulty of installation (subject to credit approval).

I am a consumer and want to use this package. How can I get it?

Your accredited solar supplier will be able to provide assistance and show you how to apply online or the traditional ‘hard copy’ method. Just ask them for the ten year solar finance product available through ASM Money.

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